Hi everyone, these are the questions that we received quite often. Therefore, we hope that these answers can help you clarify with your purchase and helped us better serve you.

1) When will we restock?

Ans: Timing of restocking is uncertain, cause we propagate 90% of our plants in our small scale greenhouse. We do wait for at least 10 plant species for each restock and we aim for at least once a month excluding special restocks.

2) Can you reserve / pre-order plants from us?

Ans: Unfortunately we do not take pre-orders / reserve plants as we see it best suited for our business methodology in the moment. We grow our plants with passion and love. Hence, we don't want to grow them with the stress of filling up orders. It also save you the anxiety on when or how your plants is doing in our hands. Hope you understands that.

3) Can give us a list on what item/prices being restock?

Ans: We usually announce our restock time and date at least 3 days prior to our restocking date, but we wont release what will be restock. *Save some mystery in your life* *winky face*

4) Do we ship to East Malaysia /Internationally?

Ans: Unfortunately not in the moment. Shipping to East Malaysia is currently not recommended as postage maybe delay due to long shipment time. We wouldn't want you to receive a dead plant. As for International customers, thanks for dropping by, but we do not ship out of Malaysia in the moment. Do keep an eye on us in the future when we venture into the global market.

5) Where can you contact us?

Ans: You can contact us on our Intagram page @rayraygreenhouse as it is our main communication tool for restock and product posting. You can email us as well at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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